This House Raises a Brow to Interior Design

I saw this inspiring new-build in two places: Domino and Emily Henderson’s Blog.

As a huge fan of the eyebrow dormer and quanset huts, I love the unique shape these designers, Anne and Richard De Wolf, used to create their new-build on a Washington bay.

Anne and Richard own Arciform, a “well-respected design-build firm primarily serving the Portland area”.1 Their work is stunning. Please check out their website. If you’re into interior design, especially old-home restorations, you won’t be disappointed.

Lately, interior design has been feeling a bit generic for me. I’ve been hard-pressed to find something worth sharing. It’s like every trend out there catches fire only to burn out just as quickly.

This however, is worth sharing. It feels fresh with new shapes. I love all the timber beams and wood. I like that they used building materials from their own property. And I like that they didn’t follow any one-specific trend. To me, it feels eclectic-school-house electric and very Portland-esque. But the quanset shaped timber-framing, the arched stained glass window/doorway, the romantic light fixtures, and the cabin-inspired bedrooms bring just enough unexpected flair to make me ooh and ah.

Check out both web links for more (and bigger) photos! Enjoy 🙂

Here are some pics from Domino:

And here are some from Emily Henderson’s blog:

Pretty cool, eh?

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