Derek Sivers inspired me to create a now page. Unlike an “about” page, the “now” page tells you what I’m up to- right now. It’s where I’ll share what I’m doing, reading, focused on, and inspired by. My plan is to update this page as the seasons change…

Update: 5/21/24

What I’m Doing

For the last 6 months or so, I’ve been working on a board game for my kids. It’s an idea that’d been lingering in my mind for a long time and it just wouldn’t go away. So now I’m doing it.

I am still searching for an artist. If you know anyone who can do small and very detailed characters and landscapes, help us get in touch!

What else I’ve been doing.

Lots and lots of painting, sprucing, and cleaning after doing some serious renovations at our 5-plex:

Scraping for new paint and replacing upstairs windows

Entry hall before and after (not quite done yet but close). Floors aren’t as bad as they look in these pics, thank goodness.



A year ago I joined the Planning and Zoning Commission- For me, it’s a learning experience and an experiment. Will see where it leads…

Also, I was asked to join the meetings for our city’s Neighborhood Revitalization Program. It’s an honor to have been invited; I’m not sure who recommended me… I’m grateful, whoever you are! I’ll share more on this later.


Little League season! It’s really fun to watch the kids play (and funny too). We volunteered to work the concession stand last week- serious throw-back to high school! For us, May is peak busy season. My other child has a leading role in an upcoming play that premiers this Saturday. She’s got about 300 lines, all of them memorized. Very excited for the show and also feeling so damn proud of her.

What I’m Reading

I just discovered a little story- The Egg by Andy Weir…. how have I never heard of this before?????????????????????????????

I recently re-read The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett. The timing was right and I was in the mood for something uplifting and beautiful.

I’m also thumbing through Tools of Titans by Timothy Ferriss. It’s the type of book you can pick up and flip it open to any page- Don’t feel like reading that bit? Flip a few more pages- You’ll find something interesting or helpful and you can read in small bursts if you’re short on time. Tools of Titans really is one of my favorite books; thanks Tim.

If you’re curious what other types of books I read, here are some of my bookshelves:

Nonfiction books, including a book I wrote when I was 7 years old.

Fiction and a collection of The Surfer’s Journal magazines.

Looking forward to emptying and reorganizing these… This shelving system is the Elfa from The Container Store- I found it used on Craigslist for $600- it’s been one of my favorite second-hand purchases ever. Sadly the shelves are slightly different now and only available in white… wish they had stayed the same.

What I’m Inspired By

Kevin Cooper

I’ll always be inspired by the incredible story of Kevin Cooper (pen name, Cole Summers). If anyone was going to save this world, it was him. Read about his incredible attitude, entrepreneurial spirit, and tragic story here. He’s one of the most inspiring people I’ve come across in a long time.

He even wrote a book when he was 14, Don’t Tell me I Can’t, which I highly recommend- if for nothing else, for a new perspective on life.

In case you’re curious what I look like in real life

Me, at a Little League game (in the green hoodie)

A normal outfit. This is how I look most of the time.


Wally and Catters

We had Catters first. Wally was our first puppy, found at the local shelter where his litter had been dumped. To ensure that Catters and Wally would be friends, every day I made them lay next to each other while they were both tired and relaxed- like this: (it worked!) Wally is now a cat-friendly dog


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