Why Blog Anonymously?

Why blog anonymously?

Kev (from the blog KevQuirk) posed this question to those of us who do…

For me, the answer is multifaceted.

First, I don’t want to hurt or embarrass my family. Many of the posts I write are like my own little brainstorms or rants about housing or real estate and how to make the process better. I also offer advice to people who are in the market, renovating, etc.

I have been involved in real estate for as long as I can remember. Even as a child, I was made to tag along to open houses, go on architecture tours, and listen to my family talk talk talk real estate. I guess it all rubbed off on me.

Today, I have multiple family members who are Realtors and many of my opinions run counter to their business. They’re good agents, and I don’t wish them any harm or embarrassment. I also don’t want them to think I don’t value their profession. That said, I have a lot of opinions and this blog is my outlet.

Second, I value my privacy more than most. Plus, I’m shy. I’ve never been on social media, aside from a super basic Linkedin account that I don’t even use. The only reason I have that Linkedin page is so that when potential employers search the internet for me, they find something and don’t think I’m a total psychopath just because I’m not on social media… Honestly, it’s pretty silly.

Third, blogging is a way to practice writing and sometimes my writing is awful. Shoot, maybe all of it is, I don’t know. But writing is the only way to get better. Professionally, I’d hate to be judged solely off this blog’s content. In fact, that goes all around- I’d hate to be judged on anything just based on this content. Life doesn’t exist in a vacuum.

Fourth, once it’s on the internet, it’s on the internet forever. This scares the shit out of me and is sort of tied to the point above. Sometimes I change my mind or I may gain a new perspective which shifts my values a bit… or maybe I learn something I thought to be true isn’t. My life will change. I will change. Just because I write something today doesn’t mean it’s true or I believe it forever. But anyone can drudge up old shit online and usually that purpose is to harm. I don’t like that.

Fifth, on some level I fear failure but even worse, I fear success and abhor fame. What if the blog became wildly popular? Yes, I know it’s more likely that I get hit by a meteor but so what? I like to consider success and prepare for it. I don’t ever want to be famous. Fame is awful. Remember, I value my privacy and famous people don’t get privacy. Oh, man… yeah, I don’t think it’s a good idea for me to put my face out there. If you’re gonna be famous, it’s better nobody knows your face. That way you can still go out and about without harassment. I like going out and about.

Sixth, there are crazy people out there and I don’t want them to be able to easily find me. I don’t want stalkers or forever-trolls. I don’t want to piss anyone off to the point where I’m a target. No, I don’t like any of that.

Lastly, I thought it’d give me more freedom but I think I was wrong about this.

Blogging anonymously means that I can’t share any of what I write. My friends don’t know, my family doesn’t know, and I can’t post it on social media.

I can’t even post on other people’s blogs or reddit because that’s considered spam– even if it’s well intentioned and suits the post/comments perfectly…

Also frustrating- if I’m proud of something I write and want to use it as a sample for a potential employer or client, I can’t do that either. Anonymity is definitely a double-edge sword.

So far, I’ve done very little to solve the problems of blogging anonymously.

So how has anyone found my blog?

One lucky day, I stumbled upon an incredible site by Manuel Moreale and he had a post that was something like, “If you start a blog, I’ll read it”.

I nervously reached out to him via email and shared my blog with him. And he did read it and even replied. There’s no way I can express how grateful I am for that. He put my blog on theforest.link and it’s only through him that I’ve had any traffic at all. My traffic is still pitiful, but it’s grown a little and that’s something to be happy about.

As long as he’s blogging, I’ll support him. I wish I could be part of his “fuck you money club”, haha. Maybe some day 🙂

As I final note, when I first started my blog, I went down that deep rabbit hole of how to remain anonymous. But I’m not tech adept enough to build every single wall around my identity. I’ve tried my best and if some tech-savvy motherfucker has the time and gusto to figure out who I am, I’m sure they will. And I just have to be okay with that…

I’ve considered making myself a little less anonymous. I’ve shared more about myself on my Now page. It feels low risk because hardly anyone reads this anyway. So for now, that’s where you’ll learn more about my true identity.

Thanks for reading,

HouseRat Zero

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