Large Oversized Refrigerators Suck

I don’t like super large refrigerators. I had one once; it came with the house. People would wonder why it was always so empty. But it wasn’t really empty, it was half full! Filling it all the way would be have been a waste.

Why? Because my plans might change. Maybe I’ll get invited to a friends’ house for the evening. Maybe we’ll have an impromptu pizza night. Or maybe someone gets sick and throws us all for a loop.

Besides, I want my celery firm, not floppy and forgotten. I don’t want to sniff the leftovers or wonder if the cheese is still good. Don’t we have enough to worry about?

Instead of having a huge fridge so full that you forget what’s in the back, buy less more often.

If you’re buying less more often, you don’t need an oversized large refrigerator taking up space and electricity you aren’t using.

A better system is to buy a smaller refrigerator and keep an extra freezer in your basement or breezeway. (Of course there are exceptions.)

That way you waste less food, waste less space, and save more money. Plus, small fridges look better anyway.

What do you think? Can smaller refrigerators trend?

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