Happy New Year and Happy Birthday Matt Mullenweg

This morning I listened to Tim Ferriss and Matt Mullenweg (co-founder of WordPress) on The Tim Ferriss Show, Episode 713. This led me to Matt’s blog, Ma.tt. Matt turns 40 on January 11th and for his birthday, he wants everybody to write a blog post.

So Matt, this one is for you.

Happy 40th birthday! I hope you’ve begun that sabbatical-samattical you and Tim discussed. What a fantastic way to start your year.

Thanks for suggesting Tim re-vamp his comment section. I really hope he considers it. I miss comments on his blog and his blogging in general… Anyway, he’s great at what he does and if you’re living the dream, why change it?

By the way, you’re the first person I’ve ever heard refer to ranch as a sauce, lol. Every time I see a bottle of Ranch dressing I’m going to think of you.

One time, I was playing Cards Against Humanity and someone laid a card asking something like, “What’s the most American thing there is?”

I won with my write-in answer of “Ranch Dressing” (despite someone laying the competing card, “Americans”).

Now-just maybe– when you see a bottle of Ranch sauce, maybe you will think of me too. Haha.

Moving on…

If you really are reading this, would you consider tackling an easy way to “index” blogs? You know, like a book.

It drives me so crazy! Especially on huge/dense sites that have a ton of content, like Tim’s, for example.

When I started this blog a year ago, I told myself I would index it and have it all organized so people could find what they were looking for. An index is also super useful as a first-glance into what type of posts you can find on the site!

But then there was no easy way to do it. I looked up how Mr. Money Mustache created his “All the Blog Posts Since the Beginning of Time” because I thought that was a fantastic way to at least see everything at a glance. But he admitted that the “All the Posts” page was created for him by a professional and it wasn’t an easy thing for non-techies to do.

Sadly, I’m super non-techie. But if there is a way to index easily… please, show me the way! And if there isn’t, well… why ? Search is often pretty useless because it will give you every mention of a word, contextual/substantial or not. Ugh!

I guess I should mention, I’m a professional book indexer. Maybe that’s why I haven’t let go of the idea that blogs should have an index too. Although I’m sure blogs present totally different challenges to books because the locator isn’t as simple as a page or paragraph/XML number. Or could it be that simple?

Anyway, if you read any of this, thank you. That’s more than enough.

Contemplating this new year, I have no idea where my blog will go moving forward. But that’s okay.… I look at it as practice. Practice for I don’t even know what, but maybe someday it will lead to something. I’m an idealist like that.

So, thank you for creating WordPress. It’s given opportunity to so many people! It’s changed so many lives, Tim’s included. And given hope.

You’ve earned yourself this time you’re taking.

But also, if you genuinely don’t need the time away, that’s totally okay too (just sayin’).

Happy freaking 40th birthday!! I’m not far behind (38). Isn’t turning 40 strange? Seems so to me.

Thanks for reading,

HouseRat Zero

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