Why Blog Anonymously?

Why blog anonymously? Kev (from the blog KevQuirk) posed this question to those of us who do… For me, the answer is multifaceted. First, I don’t want to hurt or embarrass my family. Many of the posts I write are like my own little brainstorms or rants about housing or real estate and how to

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Book Review: Handmade Houses

Last week I ordered Handmade Houses by Richard Olsen. I got it used; I don’t think it’s still in print. It finally came in the mail and I’m totally floored. Guys- this one has it all. It has the element of story, biography, fantastic photography, and it’s chuck-full of information. I appreciate a good coffee-table

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What Will Zillow Do?

Dear Rich Barton … haha. Just kidding. (Rich Barton is CEO and one one of the founders of Zillow) I already wrote Mr. Barton an embarrassing letter a couple years ago about how to position Zillow better for consumers. I’m pretty sure that went nowhere. Besides- who do I even think I am, anyway? But

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Yes, Realtors Are Guilty of Steering

Photo by Ashford Associates – Discover exterior home design inspiration The not-so-secret secret is out. Business Insider reports that realtors are in fact guilty of steering. Their article is mostly talking about steering buyers away from homes that offer low buyer commissions. But this isn’t the only way realtors steer buyers! Unfortunately, as long as

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Death of a Tenant

I slowly opened the door hollering, “Helen, we are coming in!” As I pushed the door open further, I saw her on the floor. She was strangely peaceful; lying on her back with a hand on her stomach. Did she lay down for a nap and just peacefully pass? I wasn’t sure. Those thoughts came

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On Big Corporate Homeowners

Corporate homeowners are making it harder to buy homes. Especially little cheap homes. The same ones first-time homebuyers are vying for. My first house was a cheap and shitty one.  Some repairs were made, some love put in, and eventually I sold it for a small but nice profit. That profit allowed me to (eventually)

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The Great Housing Lollapalooza: Why It’s So Hard and Expensive to Buy a House Now

The current housing narrative being pushed onto us goes something like this, “We have a housing shortage! We need to build more houses,” along with, “let’s blame the Nimbys for blocking more construction” and so on. Let me be clear; I’m not saying that urban metropolises don’t have issues with construction, zoning, and Nimbyism. But

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Ramblings on Real Estate Disruption and Re-framing the Agent

The way we go about facilitating real estate transactions sucks.1 It’s riddled with conflicts of interest, inefficiencies, and hidden gatekeeping. On top of that, there’s this weird part requiring home sellers to pay the buyer’s commission costs. That weird part is being contested in a major lawsuit against the NAR. Jason Oppenheim (the broker from

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Happy Valentine’s Day, Marmoleum

I love Marmoleum flooring; it’s amazing. And no, this post is not a partnership, sponsorship, or affiliate. I do not get paid for saying any of this. I just like their floors. (This is a new website nobody even knows about. Partnerships/affiliates? Ha.) Let me save you some time by immediately telling you why I

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Think Before You Tear Down That House

Before you call the wrecking ball… You should go watch (re-watch) Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Remember Cameron’s parents’ house? Ferris tells us, “This place is like a museum. It’s very beautiful and very cold, and you’re not allowed to touch anything.”1 Or remember this? “Ferris, my father loves this car more than life itself.” (Cameron)

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Fuck Algorithms, you Techholes

At least this was my initial sentiment as I was contemplating the impact of algorithms on housing. Any of you ever read Mark Manson’s The Subtle Art of Not Giving A Fuck? Well, I finally decided to read it. (In case you haven’t, it’s more about choosing your cares and worries wisely rather than not

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